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This 3-Minute Workout Before Sleep Can Help You Slim Down Your Legs

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In this article, we are going to present you a 3-minute workout plan which can help you slim down your legs. Everyone wants to have well-shaped body and strong legs. There are several diets which can provide excellent results for reducing the extra fat. You should find the right one for you and start to follow it. Also extremely important is to start following some workout plan. Our plan is made for all those who want perfect legs. If you start it you must drink plenty of water and have a proper sleep. You must follow the following exercise every night before you go to sleep and the results will be unbelievable.

1. Legs Lift

You should lie on your back with your hands under your butt. Then raise your shoulders and feet of the floor. After that, you need to elevate your legs keeping the rest of your body steady. Hold it for several seconds and lower your legs down on the floor, without touching the floor. Do it ten times.

2. Corkscrew

Start lying on your back with hands under your head. Then you should lift your legs in the air. Straighten the legs out, tilt your feet back, so the bottom of your feet is facing up, and touch your heels together. After that, you need to rotate your feet to the right in a small circle. Make a pause and then repeat the exercise.

3. Basic Squats

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your chest held up and out. Extend your hands straight out in front of you. Then sit back and down like you’re sitting on a chair. Lower down, so your thighs are parallel to the floor, with your knees over your ankles.

4. Basic Squats with Side Leg Lift

Start the exercise with your feet shoulder-width distance apart and your hands out in front of you. Then bend your knees, lowering your hips deeply, so your thighs are parallel with the floor. After that, rise back up and lift your left leg out to the side. When you bring your leg back, do another squat. Then stand up and do side leg lift on the right side. Do this ten times with both legs.

5. In and Out Jacks

Start standing with your feet together and your hands by your sides.  Then jump up, spread your feet, bend your knees and open your arms. Jump and bring your hands to your head.  Repeat it 20 times.

6. Walking Lunges

Start the exercises standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Then step forward with one leg and flex your knees until your rear knee nearly touches the floor. After that, bring your body back. Switch legs and Repeat it 20 times.



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