This is a recipe combining honey and cinnamon in the proper way resulting in a powerful remedy, that is not so known in the modern world but it does wonders for various diseases. These combination prevents heart attacks, lowers cholesterol, helps in making the breathing easier in physical effort andRead More →

A hormonal imbalance may be the cause of the symptoms you experience, like anxiety, bloating, or chronic fatigue, weight gain, as it might affect your overall health. The hormones play the most important role in our organism, as they regulate our mood, metabolism, digestion, reproduction, respiration, tissue function, growth, movement,Read More →

Cardiovascular Disease – the buildup of plaque and gradual clogging of the arteries, is statistically the number one killer in the world, with on average 2,200 Americans dying of cardiovascular disease each day! With mortality rates like that, cardiovascular health is one of the most important body systems to maintain andRead More →