The Moringa tree is a remarkably healthy plant with potent medicinal properties, due to the high amounts of protein, potassium, iron, fats, carotenoids, fiber, vitamin C, and nutrients it contains. Its leaves, roots, flowers, and bark, are commonly added to various kinds of cosmetic products, skin oils, and perfumes. ScientistsRead More →

A hormonal imbalance may be the cause of the symptoms you experience, like anxiety, bloating, or chronic fatigue, weight gain, as it might affect your overall health. The hormones play the most important role in our organism, as they regulate our mood, metabolism, digestion, reproduction, respiration, tissue function, growth, movement,Read More →

Vitamin B12 is one of the vital vitamins in the body, that plays a major role in the metabolism of body cells. Here are some of its health benefits: Helps Digestion This vitamin supports the production of digestive enzymes, stimulates metabolism, and breaks down certain foods in the stomach. Moreover,Read More →

Both, lemons and limes, belong to the family of citrus fruits, but they are more different than you have imagined. The first difference between lemons(Citrus Lemon) and limes (Citrus Aurantifolia) is the size, as lemons are much bigger. Lemons have an oval shape, and limes are round. Moreover, they differRead More →